Follow the numbers, Number 1. log in or create a new account.

After entering your email address to create an account, The system will take you to the Dashboard page “but you will not receive a password.”

You go to your email and find the email from Guichai Dolls.

(Wait about 5-10 minutes or check your spam folder)

and click on the link in the email which says “Click here to set your new password” to set your password.

Set your password and log in again After the system confirms the password has been set.

(Kindly remember your password, because i am not able to see it.

In case you forget your password you can reset it.)

1. Select the pattern you want from the menu above.
2. The shopping cart is located in the upper right corner of the screen.
#On the Dashboard page you will be able to view your various details.

1.First, you will need to type in your personal information.

then, the system will remember the information for you. (If your device has not restricted it.)

(All the information you enter, no one will have the right to see including myself.)

2. Choose your payment.

#You can make a payment with your debit card or credit card on Paypal or Stripe without having to have an account. 

After the system has confirmed the payment.
You can download your pattern immediately.
Or look at Dashboard > Downloads

If for any reason you cannot download the file,
You can contact me via IG, FB : Guichaidolls
or with the order number you have received during the payment process.